Internet in 21st Century… Good Enough?

Internet in 21st Century

It’s quite clear, the Internet has some serious Chameleon tendencies, changing and re-adjusting as per the environment
and the demanding internet consumers. What’s more, the infinite worldwide internet users understand and value these
changes. Quite often, most of these changes help the users to surf the net to fetch information about what they seek.
The dynamicity and adaptability of the internet is one of its main aspects that contemplates what is needed and why.
Now, it’s all about adequate data sharing and presentation of valuable content.

Lets us understand how Internet is comprehended in the 21st century. In the late 2000, the internet started to witness
some dramatic changes that have set up a niche for lots of internet-based opportunities for employment, for showcasing
talent, expressing personal views and propelling business online. Advertisement was never easier than it is now, for the
internet is full of ads everywhere.

Well, the World Wide Web is definitely not what it used to be. It’s something definitely more valuable. Those who know
it have already begun taking a big leap onto the quintessential.

Here is what the world comprehends every time we talk about internet.

  • Google

“Deep greedy Googling every corner”
Fitzpleasure, Alt-J

Even the songs describe what Google is all about.The world depends on it more than food and water now.Well, this was
definitely much anticipated.

Google is the king, sitting proudly on the Iron Throne (Game of
fans know what I mean), undisputed. They have created this superb platform wherein you get any
information(just type your query on Google search).So what if you don’t know
,or don’t have a dictionary, just Google your query, and see what Google has for you!

And here is a teaser, if you think that the internet is at its peak and this can’t get much intelligent as compared to
what it is right now, well, you aren’t thinking enough! It’s Google we are talking about. They are upto something big,
something that will definitely redefine intelligence!

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook

What’s in your mind, Wall, Timeline, Status update, Profile Picture, Cover Picture…. do these sound familiar? I’m sure
they do, because really, who is not active on Facebook now! It goes without saying, Facebook has changed the complete
scenario of Social Networking ever since people started to become socially savvy. Developed on the platform PHP, Mark
revolutionised social
by creating Facebook.

Whether you attend a concert or you are travelling, whether you are checking into a 5 star hotel or at McDonald’s (for having a burger with your friends), you can always express your
moods and daily activities on Facebook and also tag people along. Now that’s savvy, right?

To understand more about Facebook and how it became a sensation, you can watch The Social Network . Even the movies couldn’t resist
themselves from covering this epic story.


  • WordPress

WordPress has become the mecca for bloggers and web developers.It’s a great platform for expressing any sort of
information (content is the king) for the world to read it and communicate.Genre apart, you can express anything on WordPress and make it as savvy as you can by adding user-engaging information on it
such as images, statistics, case studies, videos etc.

It’s one of the best platforms to establish an online essence as a marketeer, blogger or a business enthusiast. The
moment you tend to have viewers and start getting comments, you might as well end up becoming an online sensation.

If you haven’t watched Julie & Julia, then you should. It will
definitely boost your confidence of blogging.

Video Marketing

  • YouTube

When it comes to content marketing, there is nothing that sells more than video! Youtube has redefined video marketing
and even movies such as Birdman speak for it. A sensation back in
time, lost his presence in the current era, yet accidently a fan made YouTube video goes viral. Internet is that
spontaneous and YouTube makes it even more special. It’s the biggest online video library. You can subscribe to your
favourites and enjoy the latest videos uploaded by them. Oh, by the way, if you don’t know already, YouTube is owned by Google

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