From Scratch to Millions and Beyond : The Reality behind Our “Unreal” Experiments!

Website Designing

Look upto it, like you do at us!

We’re no creative genies, neither are we design magicians, then how did we get from here ^ to here!


Simple suggestion, you just need to differentiate between heaps of shit and the right amount of it!

Because at the end, when you realise, everything is shit; money, fame, creativity only till you get them, only.

Now, you might want to listen up if you want to reach there in order to be able to look down at us!

Use Some Colors


Simple enough?

We’ve just ironed that paper and gave it to a 2nd grader and look what we found, this bizarre art!

If you look closely then you’ll definitely understand that this is way better calligraphy than this one has:


What do you make of it?

It’s plain simple strip between two large ponds of water.
Doesn’t make sense, right?

Now, let’s look at it again! You might want to share with me your understanding of the famous notion which is “the grass is always greener on the other side”!

This famous painting, according to me is just opposite of that, the other side is always the same, we just can’t see it!

The line can be taken in many ways including, race, religion, money, anything! We just need to cross it to get everything right, ok?

Now, again, is the painting actually worth of what it has got?

Well, yes, much more than that actually! You’ll see when I’ll share with you the remaining Millions of interpretations! But, we’re running out of time, also we are so self-centered that we just want to talk “us” only!

But, who is “us” really?

Us is everybody who wants to be a little bit creative in their field, who wants to try and make this world a better place to live and die, also us is everything that can and will be counted as us in the next couple thousand years!

I would ask you again, what is your interpretation of our two year old’s painting?
It is just all what it should be i.e. magical!

These lines can take you everywhere and you have so many options to select from as life is always just a line, sometimes we think that our line is more close to someone than the other, but it always will be just parallel like the train track!

I guess that’s the beauty of it!

If they meet, what will be the purpose left?

Now, we used our guns of creativity to smoulder them into places:

guns of creativity

Wait a minute, this one looks like one straight outta RamLeela: the film, our was something bigger, more feminine and hence much more lethal!

guns of creativity

When guns were set ablaze on every pixel, you get something like this!

CSS design awards

Now, did you understand why I have shown you the lined paper at first place? They have been used with the arrow signs as their surrounding!

(Look closely at the above picture again!)

That’s what we give a damn about, detailing! Being light years ahead than the others!

(And you thought we give a damn about world peace?
Though we do, we still need more money to change lives and doing our stuff at best is genuinely the greatest gift that we can offer to the nature as of now!)

Be it, the sad girl in the background to having the mouse smelling the rose before offering it to somebody, we always loved to present the dark humor in the most sensible manner possible!

(Amli Jama pehnana bolte hai na? That’s what we do to the creativity of the most revealing and delicately intoxicating self!)
But my employer, Asheesh Bhardwaj just won’t buy it! This guy has so much unrest inside of him that he couldn’t resist asking what is the next step?
OMFG, our website just won the site of the day award by CSS design awards, chill out, and have some decency to not bother us as of now! Uggghhh…
(We were nominated by Awwwards as well, but you know how is it all rigged when you don’t win it!)

With a heavy heart, we picked up again from where we left, honestly, we humans don’t believe in evolution as it might convey the meaning that you were not in your full senses or never truly loved what you did!

What I want to ask you is that who will judge the part of evolution which is good or bad?

Is evolution again a time-driven concept? If yes, then what you’re doing right now will become obsolete after some point in time, and when you’ll realise that after making it, you might just miss the original!

A very famous notion has been lately floating around on the internet i.e. Stay, look around you and embrace the surrounding with open arms!

To put in a better language: Carpe Diem – Seize the day boys, who know how long we are gonna live!

But, if we resist the quintessential process of evolution then we wouldn’t be having Internet as of now, or will never have pet robots in the future!

I would surely love a Chitti kind of robot that can crawl on the train roof!
Anyway, coming back to the point, we did some “research” (I don’t know the meaning of this superficial term, it is neither copy nor original, maybe just an un-unoriginal representation of a simple mediocre concept!) and came out with this intermediate layout!

CSS design awards

Thank God the guy with money liked it, otherwise, we would’ve preferred to die!
Then bit by bit and step by step, we made our way till here!


And here


And many more…
(While we talk about ArtAttackk, there is another guy who is desperately waiting for our attention!)


(Addictive Media)

Though this one got stuck in a shitty Google SEO update, we still are every bit of proud of it as we should be!
We’ll talk about this one some other time, for now, let’s hear what our masters have to say!

Asheesh Bhardwaj, CEO and Owner of AA and AM, ”I have seen my fair share of people running berserk behind creativity, once these people fail to explain their ideas to the outer world, they immediately lose interest in their self-interest and try to copy what others are trying to do! For 10 long years, I’m still standing tall against the norms of industry in terms of what should be done and what not! Maybe we are not that successful in terms of money, but we surely had our fair share of laughs and good feelings! Coz at the end of the day, someone is going to have the last laugh!”

Nitin Chauhan, head designer and art director at AA and AM, “I never expected it to be this inspiring that wherever we went people looked at us and said something like, that’s some serious harm you’ve caused to our business! For us, it was more than a compliment as we were on our voyage to set up milestones for others to follow and somehow we got successful at motivating them to do a lot better than what they are currently doing! For us, if only a single person was interested in even listening to what we have to offer, we were happy! Thank God that didn’t happen and log milte chale aur karwan badhta chla!”

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