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Choose the Best Commenting System for your Website

Clock IconDecember 10, 2015DividerWeb DesignDigital Marketing

The commenting option allows a visitor to share his thought on the content of a website/blog. This option is beneficial for both site owner and visitor. Comments create a buzz about the content and increase its value whereas people clarify their doubts and express their views. Most websites allow their visitors to comments and publish it instantly or after moderation. Though the basic concept of commenting remains the same, you have several system and tools to enhance the user experience and usability of content. This blog will explore the various commenting system, their pros, and cons and let you decide which one is better for your website.

Things a Comment System should have

Before the description of the various system tools, let’s first find out what one needs in the comment system of a website. The requirements may vary depending on the nature and content of websites, but a few basic things are same for every site.

Spam Filter

Spam Filter

Spamming is a common problem; you may have encountered many irrelevant comments with links. These comments do not add value but try to capitalize on the traffic and ranking of your website. It not possible to eliminate the spamming completely, but you can minimize it. So the comment system should have spam filter to control unwanted comments.

Threaded Comment Option

This option is not mandatory, but a value added feature. It allows people to reply on the comments of other people and take the debate further. The system should also have the option to subscribe for the future comment notification.

Highlighting Author Comment

A comment system should distinguish the comment of the author of the post from others. It lets people easily recognize the author and read his replies. The author can also manage to handle the questions of a large number of people without getting lost in the similar looking comments.

Gravatar Enabled

Gravatar Enabled

Gravatar is the widely used profile picture of a user which gives credibility to the comments and attracts other people to join in the conversation. Gravatar encourages people to comment as it publishes the picture of the commenter.

Alternative Login

Having multiple login options is convenient for visitors as they may not have a specific account and don’t want to create one. In this situation, they can choose from other options. It also helps people of various interests to comment on your content.

Three Popular Commenting Systems