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A Dummy’s Guide to Becoming a Self-Made Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Expert

A lot many people take influence from the world’s best wanderers such as Douglas Adams and Gulliver, one being extremely influential with his set of ideas, while the other is an inspiration for many astral scientists working towards proving the existence of the fourth dimension. As per the history suggests, we always need someone to guide us through the upcoming hurdles of our new undertakings in the quests of life. Digital marketing is one of those ever flourishing Universe where almost 9/10 people get lost without even getting their feet on the ground. (Crash landing)

No matter whether you’ve been pushed by an ever hungry mob of people driven by the audacity of “changing passion with changing job

Digital Marketing

Or your interests in exploiting the latest trends in the market, once you’re here, there is no turning back.

The internet users have become a parallel universe consisting of almost 450 million in India as of now and, it is expected that almost 300 million will get their hands dirty in the field of online massacre over the upcoming 3 years.

That’s an awful lot of people you’re leaving at the table for the mandatory process of auction. According to a blog on DSIM, around 8 lac people are going to get placed in the field of digital marketing in the year of 2017. Know how bars provide entries? You give them money and they provide you with bands. These bands will be your ticket to enter the drug induced happiness and ever-hungry mob of needle.

Similarly, to enter into the world of digital marketing, you need to pledge your support to the fallacy of digitization. (Humans are becoming bots and bots are becoming human).

Some facts that I’m going to stuff down your throat and I promise you would love to swallow them whole.

  • Digital marketing industry of this country will grow at an astonishing rate of 50%.
  • In the last 5 years, India has seen a 20x growth in search related queries.
  • India loves YouTube and YouTube loves India. The feeling is mutual but first, YouTube has to learn to move on.
  • Indians have almost 1 Billion mobile handsets, out of them around 265 million use internet on a daily basis.
  • Giants will raise their spend on digital marketing by almost 12% whilst cutting down on the traditional marketing strategies.
  • The Internet has already overthrown TV in terms of advertising, like you don’t already know that?

The salary is almost around 3 lacs per annum for a deserving fresher who’s passionate about his job, but you like this field, right?

Hence, salary shouldn’t be a matter of concern to you!

In this article, we’ll discuss the challenges a person has to face to truly grasp the idea of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Expert

1) Pick one and Excel into it

Digital marketing has various fields, namely, content marketing, big data, marketing automation, mobile marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, Internet of Things, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Content Marketing: Content is the king around here and base for almost half of the companies planning for their content marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing: Social media budget would have to be doubled by every company if they are planning to survive in this mad stricken world i.e. social media.

(Also read social media marketing hacks)

Big data: Most companies are moving towards big data as it provides large bunch of data in their desired raw or structured format. Having a command on big data, can be a significant push forward for your career.

Search Engine Optimization: Almost 1/3rd of the Google’s organic search traffic goes to the first link. I guess this pretty much says why SEO is important.

2.) Blogging

Blogging should sound like fun to you as it helps you with numerous other aspects such as,

a> Drive Traffic to Your Website

Drive Traffic to Your Website

This is because, finding good quality and relevant content on your website would be a great enhancement on your reader’s learning skills. Also, to cut that crap, you can use a lot of backlinks in a tangential way that it escapes the criteria of annoyance.

Also, sharing your blog on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. is good for your brand’s social media presence.

b> Increase your SERP Ranking

Posting fresh content on your blogs seems like a good habit to the Google doctor. Just like the content being king, keywords are the diamonds in its crown. In blogs, you can use a lot of keywords and categories to send the idea out, loud and clear.

c> Develop better Customer Relationship

better Customer Relationship

Building trust is ever so easy with blogging. As you can respond to their queries with an informative blog or in the section of Q&A. Instead of comments on the social media that are generally ignored by everybody, blog comments seem peculiarly interesting to some of the people who judge your blog on the basis of number and quality of comments.

3.) Read and Implement

There are a lot of things going on the internet that are deemed to grab your attention. SearchEngineLand, MOZ and Mashable are some of the great content oriented sites that makes you aware of all the latest trends in the market and hottest buzz in town. However, only reading can take your nowhere, you need to implement that as well.

E.g. One strategy might work for one business while the other can be downright lame for the other. So, if you want to figure out what works best for you, the only way is to experiment with things and take risks. Learning is the only way to grow but implementing is the process behind that growth and without implementation your campaign lacks susceptibility.

4.) A2A Forums

Always try to indulge yourself into various A2A forums, these sites are good for enlightenment about numerous topics.

E.g. Quora – A place to share knowledge and better understanding of this world.

A2A Forums

While on Quora, you can ask anybody any question regarding your query according to their mentioned skills. People even share and ask things on Quora, that they didn’t feel to have their names all over it.

Also, you need to find a mentor for the best of your company, which can be easily done on the forums like

5.) Firm Grasp Over Analytics

Analytics Data

Including social media engagement, performance of Adwords campaign and how to improve the conversions; all of it you have to know and understand it whole.

You can join any digital marketing certification course to understand it whole and if you believe in only yourself, then you can start learning all of it at home by using tutorial videos.

The Conclusion

Learning about all of these techniques is important as only 0.8% of the people can truly become digital marketers among the millions that try at it.

You wanna be one? Or don’t want to read all these humongous things? We’re at your service brother.

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