6 Lessons from the Most Iconic Graphic Designers in History

Most Iconic Graphic Designers in History

“Designers don’t retire, they die.”

Let the past stay in the past, they say. Pondering over the past is not good, they day. Now although that seems like very good advice, does this apply to everything in life? We think not!

Design is something that goes far beyond just being pretty and functional, it is a powerful force for change. Ever thought what a strong design can do for you or your brand? It has the power to change the way people think and interpret their lives. Sometimes even going beyond and changing the way people live their lives.

Even though you might think that graphic designing is a new thing, we’d like to tell you it isn’t. Graphic Design has been going on for quite sometime now- If you are a budding designer yourself, there are some gurus whose work you need to stalk for some motivation.

Let’s give you those names along with the lessons they gave us:

Lesson 1: Rules aren’t fun- David Carson

Rules aren’t fun- David Carson

If there was one thing that the design industry did not know before David Carson, it was to ‘break the rule’ to not follow the same old patterns. Famously known as the ‘Godfather of Grunge’ and rightly so, he was the one to bring designs that were earlier considered as odd. His work mostly consisted of unique, stunning and even illegible designs. Till date, he is the source of inspiration for many!

Lesson 2: Herb Lubalin- Let’s be Punny

Herb Lubalin- Let's be Punny

Simplicity is always the best but sometimes you gotta have a little fun. This is exactly what Herb Lubalin, who is known to be one of the biggest ‘typographists’. He used typography to give meaning in a way even copy failed to do. If you’re looking to do big in the field of ‘typography’ this is the man we suggest you follow. Respect!

Lesson 3: Design can be informative: Ladislav Sutnar

Design can be informative: Ladislav Sutnar

Who said that the only purpose of design to is make things look good? There is one man who never believed this. In fact, he revolutionized design to convey information.

Lesson 4: Minimalism is the way to go: Lucian Bernhard

Lucian Bernhard

Bernhard revolutionized the world of design in ways he might not have expected at the time. He came up with an approach to use simple logos and illustrations- which meant no slogans, flat and basic colors and very simple designs. Because we know you’re curious now, this is how his designs looked like:

Lesson 5: It’s the ideas that matter: Erik Nitsche

Erik Nitsche

When talking about designers who have made it BIG in the design world, we just cannot miss Erik Nitsche’s name. Not only are his designs appealing to the eye but are also known to communicate powerful messages to the world.

Lesson 6: ‘suggest, don’t tell’- Alvin Lustig

Alvin Lustig

“Don’t judge a book by its covers.” Alvin Lustig was one man that made this possible. Before him there were many designers who used to design the covers of books that would directly summarize the plot of the book. But Alvin Lustig soon came to the conclusion that this wab not fun. And that is when he started designing merely captured the tone of the book. This was a breakthrough at that time and quickly became a popular practise.

These were just some people who made a huge mark in the area of designing. This is one field that has always been moving, changing, never stagnant.

Which are some names in Graphic Designing that you consider as game changing? Tell us in the comment section below!

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