5 Signs Which Proves That You Are A Binge Addict & What You Can Do About It

A girl lying on bed is thinking about something

“I must stop.” I whispered to myself, as I clicked the ‘Next episode’ button.

If this exactly replicates you, then you can call yourself, an addicted binge-watcher. Still, we will list out five obvious signs that label you as an addicted binge-watcher. 

Watching TV started as a necessity those days when you need to update yourself with the news. Then it became a hobby to watch your favorite dramas, listening to music, and so on. Now it has emerged into a serious situation called ‘Binge-Watching’. Why do I call it ‘serious’?

Research studies have shown that watching TV or TV shows continuously can have serious impacts on your health. Do you know? Watching back to back episodes of your favorite drama will excite your brain and secrete dopamine in relatively huge quantities. This interferes with your regular sleeping habits and can cause mental agility. 

So you need to self-check whether you are an addictive binge-watcher and apply certain tricks to get rid of the habit. Here is the checklist for you!

 You don’t sleep easily

You don’t sleep easily

 You procrastinate or avoid outing plans

You procrastinate or avoid outing plans

When your colleagues or parents or cousins or friends or partner call you for an outing, you simply prefer to say ‘No’ or ‘Let’s see it later yaar.’ This is not your laziness but your inner urge to sit on the sofa and binge-watch your favorite show. Netflix has become a total legal excuse to avoid social obligations. So, next time when you say ‘No’ to outings, pause for a second and bring back your self-control. Long term ignorance of the ill-effects of Binge-watching may lead to isolation, psychological trauma, or depression. 

And you will feel later, “Nobody is concerned about me. Aren’t I a human?”

You skip meals and land on an unbalanced diet

You skip meals and land on an unbalanced diet

Out of curiosity of what happens next in your favorite drama, you sometimes forget to satisfy your stomach. If you take care only of your heart by watching nice, heartwarming dramas, your stomach will turn against you. This results in indigestion, acidity, ulcer, etc. Occasionally, you will forget to cook and will decide to order food from restaurants. One or two times is okay, but if this habit continues, you will land on an unbalanced diet. It is totally harmful to health.

Your device is your closest friend

A girl is using her mobile device

Once in your childhood, when you were watching cartoons, if a friend comes and calls you for playing cricket, you would happily switch off the television and pick up your bat. But now, as we all became “grown-ups” and a part of the “Netflix-and-chill” generation, we no longer pick our bats. Instead, we choose to lie down and watch the series in a single go. This way, you gradually begin to avoid your friends, night parties and get together. Your device becomes your sole friend.

You think of yourself as a character in the series

You think of yourself as a character in the series banner

Ultimately, the hero or heroine of the show becomes ‘you’. You start questioning the villains, virtually. You start imagining yourself as a person from the series. You change your vocabulary. You speak about the series, the series, and the series only. You emote the person on the screen. You cry when someone hurts the character, you smile when the character receives a reward. This is finally a drastic change that you will never recognize. Your friends and parents can notice and let you know.

Getting out of Binge-watching

Binge-watching is like a drug. Too much of anything is dangerous and so is this habit. Let us come out of it with amazing tricks.

  • Have a limit on internet data usage. This feature in your mobile phone will automatically stop loading many episodes owing to the limit of data imposed.
  • Draft a plan to finish the series. If the show contains 40 episodes, take 20 days with two episodes each. This way, you can have control over the screen time.
  • Have a hobby other than this. Keep yourself busy so that you don’t find enough time to binge-watch. You have to voluntarily take up a hobby to divert your focus there. 
  • Always watch with companions. Call your friend or spouse or any kid to accompany you. This will facilitate a check on you. The other person may not feel like continuing after some time. So your viewing also gets affected.
  • Keep a timer or alarm on. This checks the time you spent on the series.
  • Assign yourself a task before each episode. This is quite a unique technique. When you finish one episode, make yourself responsible by taking up a household chore or reading a book. This will make you feel proud and you can gradually shift your focus to other important tasks.

Life is all about enjoying. You can happily watch the series to gain knowledge and to entertain yourself. Simultaneously, it is important to take care of your health too. 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Back problems
  • Bigger waistline
  • Dark circles
  • Vision problems

Are the gifts of binge-watching. You obviously don’t require such gifts, right? So try to come out of this addiction by utilizing the above techniques. Life is all about productive works and goals you prize. So spend time to achieve those goals and not spoil your health. 

Stop being a one-season one day person and start being one percentage in life goal one day person.  Start today by switching off Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. do exercises to maintain the fitness of the body

  • Try to go walking in the gardens or park, enjoy the nature
  • Do stretches to tone your body
  • Invest in knowledge gaining
  • Read more books
  • Always have a balanced diet
  • Don’t change your eating habits or time

Follow these religiously to obtain magical benefits and you will see yourself as a new productive person in a shorter span. Harland Williams says, “The problem with binge-watching is you lose three days of your life.” So it is the right time to come out of the habit and start something useful and creative.



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