‘Th1rteen R3asons why’ Netflix is The Love of Your Life


A good hair day, cold lemonade in a hot summer day, your first salary- there are few things in life that nothing else can make you feel. But none of the feelings can be compared to a good day of ‘netflix and chill.’

If you’re still living in that age where you get back from work, switch on the television and watch whatever is coming- even if it’s the most boring thing on earth, you my friend are living under a very very heavy rock. And, we’d like to take off the rock from you and introduce you the world of netflix.

1. It will make you laugh

It will make you laugh

After a hard day of work, who does not like a good laugh? If you’re into watching stand up comedies, then subscribing to netflix is like like hitting the jackpot. There is just too much too watch with classics like Russell Peters to new and upcoming stand up artists such as Vir Das, you will never get bored of Netflix.

2. Dramas that don’t disappoint


Once you’ve been hooked to watching dramas on netflix, it’s hard going back to television. With shows like Sherlock, Vikings, 13 Reasons why, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, we assure you that you’re in for a treat.

P:S- Your virtual world might become better than the real one…

3. Classic Movies

Classic Movies

You know those times when you feel that your day is going terrible and nothing you do now can save your day? Well next time you feel like this, login to netflix and watch some good movie. They’ve got rom coms, horror, action, animated and all possible categories that one can want.

4. It educates you

It educates you

It’s not just the documentaries, but netflix also has a number of documentaries which are going to wake up the knowledge monster inside of you. If you’re into watching documentaries already, you’re in for a real treat.

5. Ad breaks? What’s that?

Ad breaks

You know what the worst part about televisions is? THE AD BREAKS! There, we said it. Who likes to be interrupted by irrelevant of ads of some washing powder that you’re probably never ever going to use. Even if you do, who cares which washing powder you use?

6. You decide the time


You know how you have this unstoppable need of controlling all things in life? How you wish you could do that! Controlling your work life, love life, wouldn’t it be easy? Sadly we can’t do that. But there is one thing you can control. Netflix. Yes, it’s you who decides when you want to watch what. Just how you like it.

7. No amount of chilling is too much chilling


After a day of pure hard work, what is it that you need? Just some good chilling. And what is the best way to chill? NETFLIX AND CHILL. You got it right.

8. It’s the best relationship you’ll have

the best relationship

There are so many relationships in life one has. Some are happy relationships while others are just toxic. Whatever relationship it needs work. However there is one relationship that will never ask anything out of you and just give. Yes, your relationship with netflix. Once you’ve got the subscription going for you, netflix will make you feel everything you’ve ever wanted. True love? We think so!

9. Their Twitter is proof


If you still don’t believe us, even their social media is also on point.

10. Too much to chose from

to chose from

“I have too many choices” said no one ever!

That is because humans are never satisfied with one thing and can never get enough of choices. Now netflix understands that and gives you so many choices that you wouldn’t want to step out in the real word.

11. Its looks after the kids (even if you don’t)

looks after the kids

Netflix has a special kids pack that will show all the movies and shows that your kid loves. And guess what? You don’t have to worry about him/her watching all the ‘A’ stuff.

12. It basically turns you into an athlete

an athlete

There cannot be a better way to spend the weekend than to spend it binge watching your favourite show on netflix. Agreed?

13. You’re the boss

the boss

No matter how badly you treat netflix, it will always be there for you, even when you’re feeling low. Best thing, it you who will decide what you want to watch and when!

If you agree with us and feel that Netflix is the best thing that’s happened to the digital world– tell us in the comment section below!

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