We have a philosophy - each person should do what he or she is best capable of doing (we never said it's an innovative philosophy). You already have way too much on your plate - running a company, keeping employees in check, acting like an overbearing boss ... and other things like that. Why don't you focus on all that and let us make you look good doing your stuff.

We get the kicks from taking a raw brand and creating a phenomenon out of it. Our design guns are loaded and we are hunting for our preys . fall in line!

So... what exactly do we do? We are the 'Double D Dudes'. In other words, our forte is Designs and Digital media. We design logos, stationery, multimedia presentations etc. We also make websites, do SEO, SMO and other online things. Basically, you are the sun and we create a complete solar system around you. What a brightidea, isn't it? Nobody will be able to ignore your formidable presence...NOBODY!

We are not 'Mr. Do-it-all', but, thanks to some extremely accommodating friends, we do know how to get it all done. So, feel free to call us for everything. Ok, not everything; press the damn flush yourself!!

We are a bunch of shy people. We don't crave limelight. You are most welcome to take it all. YOUare the hero; YOU are the center of attraction; YOU get all the adulation. As for us, we are content in doing a job well. At the risk of soundingdangerously like your mother, our success lies is in your success!

In the end (yes, there is an end. Fascinating as we might be, we've got better things to do than ramble on for your benefit), to summarize, we are the proverbial 'genie in a bottle, babbyyy'. Your wish is our command. You wanna be a more famous name than Mark Zuckerberg? We'll do that and send our condolences to Facebook. You want a website that will beat your competition to a pulp? Done deal! You wantNazi domination on this world? Err. sorry. You are on your own.

Don't ask us what we can do. We could sit for days and enthrall you with our talents. Just decide what you want done, give us a call, and sit back and watch voodoo happen!

  • Red Dot Productions - A division of NDTV
  • BluO Rhythm & Bowl
  • Karbonn Mobiles  
  • Super of the world Ford Models
  • Religare Wellness
  • Go Green India - A Division of Times Of India